Gulf Drilling & Maintenance Company was established in 1982 to service the petroleum and water sectors. Early activities included water well drilling and related operations, primarily slickline services.
Soon after, GDMC began expanding, introducing Coiled Tubing services along with pumping and filtering capabilities. Other services followed and, currently, GDMC is a fully integrated oilfield service operator.

GDMC is an ISO 9001-2000 company committed to:

  • a strict safety policy as stated in GDMC HSE Management System
  • operating in an environment-friendly mode
  • the ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System
  • continued excellence in its provided services
  • insuring complete customer satisfaction
  • using state-of-the-art equipment and complying with international standards
  • diversifying the scope of its activities through research and development


GDMC operates a large fleet of slickline trucks with a wide variety of tools for standard jobs in 2 3/8″ and 3 1/2″ tubing. All trucks are equipped for sweet and sour operations with standard pressure equipment rated to 5000 psi working pressure. A wide selection of tools is also available up to 5 1/2″.


GDMC experienced crews provide customer needed services in Open & Cased hole and Production Logging, using reliable and high quality equipment from oilfield reputed tool manufacturers. Field interpretations are also available and more advanced and comprehensive log data evaluation and interpretations are performed in association with reputable data processing partners. GDMC also caters for all your perforation needs, be it thru electrical line or tubing conveyed.


GDMC operates a conventional, fully computerized, separator based, fleet of well test units. Our separators’ enhanced design sets them apart from the other conventional separators, providing superior production rates measurements, a wide range of intervals specific to each application and makes them suitable for a full range of gas/oil ratio, pressure and flow rates measurements. The horizontal design offers also the advantage of large gas/liquid and oil/water interfaces retention time to speed and enhance the separation process. All equipment is rated for high H2S and CO2 concentration operations.
Keeping up with the market needs, GDMC offers also a 15K testing set up, giving us the capacity to operate on these high pressure wells
DST set ups and downhole pressure and temperature monitoring are also part of our testing services as well as downhole and surface sampling. As per client needs, GDMC also offers Early Production Facilities that could be manned by our own personnel or by client operators if so desired.

Asset Management

GDMC offers an Asset Management program for the following: Xmas trees and associated valves, wellheads and production tubing. As per this program, a comprehensive database is kept for all covered assets and a preventive maintenance schedule is set up to insure continued smooth and safe operations and uninterrupted well production.
GDMC provides on-line valve maintenance services and wellhead maintenance services to its clients, helping improve operational status and equipment reliability. Different programs are offered: a routine maintenance program consisting of a set of procedures as per client requirements and manufacturer recommendations and a non-routine maintenance program consisting of repairing an item that is not fit for purpose.

Contact informations
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GDMC - Corporate Office

  • GDMC – (Gulf Drilling & Maintenance Company)
  • P.O. Box 3777 Safat 13038 State of Kuwait
  • +965 2481 2177
  • +965 2484 5726

GDMC - Kuwait Operations

  • GDMC – (Gulf Drilling & Maintenance Co.)
  • P.O. Box 9548 Ahmadi 61006 State of Kuwait
  • +965 2398 0558
  • +965 2398 6105
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