Al-Khalid Group Management Team

  • Mishari Al-Khalid
    Mishari Al-Khalid Chairman
  • Khalid Al-Khalid
    Khalid Al-Khalid V.Chairman - Group CEO Manufacturing & Contracting
  • Hazem Al-Khalid
    Hazem Al-Khalid Group CEO - Trading & Investment
  • Adel Fouad
    Adel Fouad GM. Aluminum
  • Ibrahim Ghalib
    Ibrahim Ghalib GM. Elevators
  • Mohammed Abdulmawjoud
    Mohammed Abdulmawjoud GM. Engineering
  • Ali Aboudastour
    Ali Aboudastour GM. Oil & Gas
  • Inam Alsayed
    Inam Alsayed GM. Fashion Retail
  • Zaid Al-Khalid
    Zaid Al-Khalid GM. Dewatering
  • Mustapha Bin Othman
    Mustapha Bin Othman GM. Plastic Factory
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